Sydney Based Sound Recordist

Sydney sound recordist Wayne McKelvie has over 25 years of experience in audio for outside broadcasts, news and

current affairs, documentaries, online content and commercial work.

Sound Recording

On-location sound recording for live broadcasts, documentaries, news stories and TVCs. more info…

Drone Operator

Fully licensed, insured and experienced drone operation to capture your aerial footage needs. more info…

Audio Director

Outside broadcast setup and mixing for up to 32 channels with 24 channels of wireless audio. more info…

Local & international clients

Partnering with the best in live broadcast, documentaries,
online and major productions.

Meet Wayne McKelvie

Live audio, aerial footage and quality sound is what Wayne McKelvie is all about. The Sydney TV and film sound recordist is trusted by the country’s top news and entertainment providers to deliver clear and consistent results.


Since studying a BA in film/TV and sound production Wayne has worked extensively across the globe including Europe, the Americas and Africa. He followed Australia’s first astronaut Andy Thomas through his NASA training, delved deep into the workings of the brain with leading neurologists and chased tsunamis for Discovery Channel. He spent six months recording in America’s supermax prisons and has been involved in a number of broadcasting firsts, including crossing live from Machu Picchu with Channel Seven’s Sunrise program.


When he’s not directing live audio or recording sound, Wayne is sending up his commercial drones to capture high-resolution footage. At times, he’ll provide all three services for the same job. Whatever your project and whatever the location, Sound Ideas Productions has the equipment and technical skill to suit.