Professional Drone Photography & Video Footage Service

In the not so distant past, only large companies with the required finances and resources could afford to take aerial footage for commercial purposes. Now, thanks to the development of sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), just about any business can capture amazing footage from above. But unless you’re aware of the regulations concerning remote flying, you might want to hire a drone operator to capture footage and photos for you.

Fortunately, by hiring a drone pilot, you can feel confident your aerial footage will be expertly captured. And, at Sound Ideas Productions, we possess the most advanced recording and mixing equipment to edit and refine your videos and audio, ensuring they achieve your business goals.

Our founder, Wayne McKelvie, has been a respected TV sound recordist for the better part of three decades, having worked on projects for clients ranging from the Disney Network to the BBC, Discovery channel and most major Australian Networks. If you want studio-quality aerial footage captured by an expert drone operator, we’re the company to call.

Hiring a drone operator to handle remote flying on your behalf is about more than just ensuring your marketing materials make an impact. Partner with us, and you won’t have to worry about unlicensed drone operator pilot regulations and limitations. Call us today to learn more about remote flying, and we’ll tell you how we can literally take your business to new heights.