We’re your go-to audio option, whether you require live mixing for up to 32 channels or sound recorded for your TVC. We not only use top-of-the-line technology – we also have the technical expertise to achieve reliable, high definition results. Need audio services and aerial footage? Hire us for both and cut down on travel expenses.

You need consistent and capable sound recording in the field, captured at a quality that enables flexible editing and post-production. Wayne McKelvie has decades of experience in sound recording for lifestyle programs, documentaries, broadcast and sport packages. He knows exactly what is required on location, even in challenging and changing conditions. Our high-end 10, 12 and 32-input recording equipment suits almost any production environment.

If you require high resolution aerial footage for broadcast packages, films or TVCs, choose an operator with over five years of experience in commercial drone operation. Sound Ideas Productions is fully licensed and insured for the operation of remotely piloted aircraft. We can meet both drone footage and audio requirements while on location and capture up to 4K quality, giving you total freedom in the editing suite.

Our founder Wayne McKelvie has been a respected audio specialist for over 25 years. And, he, along with all our remote flying experts, excels in drone photography, whether it’s for a wedding, a TV production or a commercial marketing video. We’ve been trusted to mix audio and capture aerial footage for brands including the BBC, Discovery Channel and most Australian Television Networks. Simply put – if you’re searching for a drone photography service that won’t let you down, we’re the company to call.


Audio Director

Sound Ideas Productions can arrive on location, set up mics and mixing equipment and manage live audio for all network outside broadcasts. Our equipment is capable of 2 to 32 channels of audio, and up to 24 channels of wireless audio. Perhaps you need audio managed for a day of live crosses or for a week of location-based outside broadcasts across the country. Contact Wayne to discuss your next project.