Sound Ideas Productions has provided location sound recording and aerial services from our base in sunny Bondi Beach since 2006. The business is led by Wayne McKelvie; a respected film/TV sound recordist and audio director with over 25 years of industry experience who also provides licensed drone operation and commercial aerial filming. Whether recording sound on large sets or mixing complex audio live to air, you’ll always have a skilled specialist to keep you sounding (and looking) great with Sound Ideas Productions.

High-end gear for clear results

We use Lectrosonics radio mics, Sanken & DPA mic heads, Schoeps & DPA boom mics, the latest Sound Devices hard drive recorders and mixers, A&H SQ5 64 channel digital mixing desk (32 channels of wireless audio) and wide-band Lectrosonics receivers. Drones include the DJI Inspire 1 Pro with Zenmuse X5 camera  the Phantom 4 Pro Plus and Mini3 pro.